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Fitness / Individual athletics

Female camper in a blue top climbing a tree with full safety gear

Want an active summer without playing sports all summer?

We offer an ever-expanding list of individual fitness activities so campers can get their hearts pumping and build fitness skills without worrying about competition.

Campers can also set personal fitness goals, like running faster, becoming stronger, increasing flexibility, and many more. Our personal trainers work with campers throughout the summer to help make their goals a reality. Do you have a particular goal in mind? Just email or call 212-913-9783 and we’ll explore how we can help you achieve it.

Our campers have made thousands of friendships, millions of memories, and lifelong skills in athletics, cooking, and joyful Judaism. We are proudly supported by:

  • Jewish Camp
  • Jim Joseph Foundation
  • Avi Chai
  • UJA Federation
  • The Jewish Education Project
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We are fully accredited by the American Camp Association