Meet our staff - Camp Zeke - Sleepaway Summer Camp

Year-round team

Lisa, Isaac and Shadow

Lisa and Isaac Mamaysky
Founders and directors

Having founded Camp Zeke in 2012, Lisa and Isaac Mamaysky pour their hearts and souls into camp. They oversee all aspects of the community together and pride themselves on Camp Zeke’s culture of kindness and warmth. Over the years, they have formed wonderful relationships with campers, families and staff, and they look forward to deepening those friendships for years to come.

Lisa graduated magna cum laude with joint degrees from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. She loves connecting with the kids and watching them grow up in Camp Zeke’s warm community. Outside of her time with camp, Lisa has 15 years of experience in investment management marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, hiking, dance, and finding sometimes-elusive recipes for healthy desserts. If you stop by camp, she’s the one walking around with a gallon jug of sunblock ensuring everyone is covered!

Isaac spent his whole life going to overnight camp and always dreamed of running his own camp. Now that his dream has become a reality, Isaac knows every single camper and staff member by name, and he is deeply involved in Camp Zeke’s management. When he has a free moment during the camp day, Isaac loves jumping into a fitness or martial arts class, running in the all-camp 5K, and of course, tasting all the delicious creations that campers make in culinary arts classes. Isaac earned his juris doctor degree cum laude from the Boston University School of Law and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Rhode Island Honors Program.

Lisa and Isaac live in Westchester, New York with their daughters, son, and dog.

Rachel Pineles

Rachel Pineles
Associate Director & Director of New Families

Rachel has a degree in communications and business, and a professional background in corporate and non-profit marketing, but her real passion is Jewish camping. She has been a part of the year-round Zeke team since 2015, planning our events, developing our ambassador program, and working with new and returning families. Rachel has worked with children of all ages in a traditional day school environment, but more importantly in several informal education settings–day camps, overnight camps, leadership training seminars, teen tours, theater production, and much more.

Hailing from New Jersey, Rachel now lives in Israel with her husband and four children where she enjoys walks on the beach, volunteering with soldiers and the needy, visiting museums and the theater, hiking in national parks and participating in the Jerusalem marathon. She loves to travel and explore new places (preferably by jeep, parasail, boat or zip line!) Although she can whip up a mean vegetarian chili or tofu stir-fry, Rachel is famous for her themed birthday cakes. In her spare time she loves to escape with a good book and a great iced coffee.

Laurie Epstein

Laurie Epstein
Chief Operating Officer

Laurie began her career in camp on a family camping weekend at the ripe old age of 6 months, and she was hooked! With an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, Laurie began working in camping at the New Jersey “Y” Camps, while still a student. She spent seven summers working her way up from counselor to office manager to division head. After graduation she joined them full time as the director of their senior adult programs.

In 2000, Laurie became the executive director of the Associated Camps, Inc. and Block and Hexter Vacation Center. She led a $1.8 million capital campaign to refurbish program facilities and build a million dollar fitness center. In 2002 Laurie received a certificate in Not-For-Profit Management from the Columbia University Graduate School for Business. More recently, Laurie opened a Glatt Kosher catering company in New Jersey with her sisters.

At Camp Zeke, Laurie manages the Block and Hexter Retreat Center, oversees human resources and year-round hiring, and during the summer, uses her extensive management, catering, and culinary experience to manage the large team that creates amazing gourmet meals for the Camp Zeke community. When camp isn’t in session, Laurie directs weddings, corporate events, and retreats on our beautiful site. Laurie enjoys hiking, tennis, bowling, bicycle riding and theater.

Janet Fliegelman
Chief Financial Officer

As a camper, Janet had the amazing overnight camp experiences of living in a tent for the summer (a bit different than Camp Zeke’s accommodations!), swimming in the lake, canoeing on the Delaware River, and joining the community Shabbat celebration. Years later, Janet’s three children enjoyed their time as overnight campers and then experienced their first jobs as counselors, developing lifelong friendships and leadership skills in the process.

A strong believer in the transformative power of the Jewish camp experience, Janet has been part of Jewish overnight camping for over two decades. At her prior camp, Janet began as a member of the summer office staff, became the year-round Chief Operating Officer, and then served in the capacity of Executive Director for multiple years. 

Prior to working full-time in camp, Janet provided technology instruction and support for staff and students at her local Solomon Schechter Day School. Most recently, she served as the interim Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization running technical conferences. 

Janet is excited to return to her overnight camp roots and join the amazing Camp Zeke team, helping to grow the organization into its second decade.

Janet holds an undergraduate business degree from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Having grown up at the Jersey shore in West Deal, she and her husband, Arthur, now live in East Brunswick, NJ. 

Janet is on the Board of Trustees of the AIFS Foundation, supporting cultural exchange and study abroad programs. She enjoys trying out new technology applications, long nature walks, the daily crossword puzzle and Wordle.


Riva Schanker
Director of Camper and Staff Care

Riva has been an integral member of Camp Zeke’s staff since 2016, making a combined two decades in the field of Jewish overnight camp. She has held large multi-faceted roles over the years and brings her experience together to ensure that every camper and staff member in the Zeke family is thriving.

Riva received her first bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Queens College, then returned to school and received an additional bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development. Riva has worked closely with educators on social and emotional learning within the Baltimore public school system. Certified in Mental Health First Aid, she helped the educational staff to navigate challenging behaviors and also loved stepping into the classroom. 

Riva explains her philosophy: “It’s important for me to connect with all campers and staff, which is vital to fostering a long-term impact. I love helping instill a strong Jewish identity in campers by bringing awareness of core Jewish values in a relaxing, approachable way that allows everyone to be confident and the best versions of themselves.”

Riva and her husband Robert reside in New Jersey and have three daughters, who have all been Camp Zeke staff members as well! One of the sweetest members of the Schanker family (and the camper care team) is Luna, who is pictured with Riva. Luna was adopted at 4 months old from a dog rescue right near camp. During the off-season, Riva helps to create memorable experiences for our on-site retreat guests.

Andrew Liebowitz
Assistant Director

Andrew first went to day camp when he was five years old and has spent almost every summer since then involved in camp. He attended both day and sleepaway camp as a child, was a counselor in high school and college, and knew he wanted to enter a career in camping! Andrew earned his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Suny Albany and his Masters of Education from Hofstra University. He then went on to work full-time in camper and staff recruitment, planning, and directing for a day camp on Long Island, and an international teen summer travel program.

Some of Andrew’s best friends to this day are from his childhood camp experience. He understands firsthand the influence camp can have on the confidence and self-esteem of children.

As our Assistant Director, Andrew is heavily involved in our marketing, staffing, and parent communication. He also works with Laurie to provide our retreat guests with a magical experience. He enjoys playing basketball, tennis, biking, and rooting for his hometown Knicks, Mets, and Jets (he might eventually see them win a championship!). Andrew grew up on Long Island and still lives there today when he is not up at camp.

Katie Thurson
Assistant Director

Katie is a PhD student at Clemson University studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with a focus on summer camps and youth programs. She is actively involved in the American Camp Association, Y-US, and the Clemson community, but is most happy when she’s away at camp! Katie is also a professor who teaches classes about camp management.

Katie is a multi-year returning staff member at Camp Zeke, who began her time with us as a unit head and has become involved in all aspects of camp management. Katie assists with camper and staff needs throughout the summer, and she is involved in all aspects of camp management.

Matthew Christiano
Program Director

Matthew grew up outside Philadelphia, and had his first experience with summer camp
as a lead Kindergarten Counselor at the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center. He
quickly fell in love with the “magic” of camp: the excitement of seeing campers try new
things, the teamwork and friendly-competitiveness of Color War, and the songs at
Shabbat. Matthew spent the next ten years working in different camp leadership roles at
the JCC. He helped to reimagine the camp’s Counselor-in-Training program, with an
approach that focused on creating fun, engaging programs that emphasized effective
communication, teamwork, and self-confidence skills. With this approach, the CIT
program grew in popularity, and the philosophy behind its success quickly became
integral to Matthew’s approach to programming.

Matthew received his English Literature degree from Rosemont College. When not
exploring local bookstores for hidden literary gems, Matthew can be found playing
hockey, rooting on the Philadelphia Flyers (they’ll be good one day!), or biking. Matthew
also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new foods, and he’s excited to see what the
campers can whip up in the Camp Zeke kitchen!

Barbara Lichter
Registrar & HR Specialist

Barbara, born in Brooklyn, NY, now comes to us from Delray Beach, FL. Barbara has worked at our wonderful facility for the last 30+ years. She has held multiple  significant roles at Camp Zeke ranging from managing complex human resources  matters to overseeing the creation of our daily schedule. As the camp’s registrar, Barbara is one of the first contacts for our new and returning families and helps them with all aspects of joining the Camp Zeke family each summer. As an HR Specialist, Barbara is also one of the first contacts for new and returning staff during their onboarding process.

Prior to Camp Zeke, starting in 1989, Barbara worked as a counselor, administrator, and Special Events Coordinator for the Block & Hexter Vacation Center (now the Block & Hexter Retreat Center, which we operate in the non-summer months), where she provided programming, scheduling, and office support services.

However, even before that, Barbara had an affinity for camp. “Since the age of three I have spent practically every Summer at camp as either a camper or employee. I truly love the mountains, the activities and the friendships that I have made over the years and look forward to expanding these experiences year after year.”

Besides Barbara’s camp experience, she has taught Arts & Crafts, Theater- Comedy Improv, computers, and writing. “I’m a real geek. I’m always on the lookout for the latest technological gadget and love fooling around with the newest apps.” Barbara’s other interests include musical theater, traveling, and reading.

Amy Horowitz
New Family Ambassador

Amy has spent much of her life attending and working at sleepaway camp. She first attended camp when she was 7 years old, then became a CIT, and later a counselor. With Amy, it runs in the family! Her mother was a camper and a counselor, and her grandmother was the girls’ side director in the 1960s at a sleepaway camp that is not far from Camp Zeke. At camp, Amy feels like she’s back home, and is privileged to help other kids have the wonderful and life-changing experience of camp that she had as a child.

Amy has a degree in environmental and business economics. Outside of camp, she has worked in multiple facets of real estate and was a real estate appraiser for 20 years. She is thrilled to return to work in an environment that she has loved since she was a child.

George portrait

George Zablocky
Director of Facilities

Our director of facilities, George, is a highly-regarded and essential member of the Camp Zeke family. George oversees the meticulous care of camp, manages our facilities team, plans and implements floor-to-ceiling building renovations, and serves as the liaison and first point of contact for architects, the local township, building inspectors, contractors, permitting agents, and countless others.

George’s longstanding connection to camp began when his father built many of the buildings that our campers now enjoy. Following in those footsteps, George recently completed the construction of our fitness complex, one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings at camp. Under George’s direction, our facilities team renovated almost the entire site before our inaugural summer and continues to update and create new bunks as our enrollment continue to grow.

Beyond the many skills that George brings to his craft, he is a kind and caring person who is universally admired by those who have the pleasure to work with him. Affectionately called “Mr. Fix It” by his team, George’s impeccable work ethic, care, and dedication are reflected in every inch of camp.

Representative Summer Staff

We have well over 100 caring staff members every summer. They are teachers and students and athletes and artists and chefs, and we wish we could introduce you to every single one of them -- but you'd have to come to camp for that! Below is a representative sample of our amazing summer staff. They are mentors and friends to our campers, partners to our parents, and an integral part of the kind, healthy, and joyful community we create at camp each summer.

Dr. Chana portrait

Dr. Chana
Medical Director

Zeke’s beloved Dr. Chana Zablocki is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. She earned her medical degree from Hadassah Medical School in Israel and completed her residency at the JFK Family Medicine Residency Program where she also earned a resident teacher award and chief resident award. Chana is a family practitioner at Faith Family Health in Plainfield, NJ, where she cares for people ages 0-120. She is a consultant for the City of Elizabeth’s health department and is also the Medical Director of Stein Hospice, a faith-based hospice in Central NJ. Chana resides in Elizabeth, New Jersey with her husband and children.

Chef Frankie
Senior Chef

Chef Frankie has been wowing college students at Cooper Union College in Manhattan with his delicious food for decades. The university even honored him by naming their dining room “Frankie’s Kitchen!”

Frankie has been the chef at our retreat center, Block & Hexter, for about two decades. He is known for his warm smile, great sense of humor, and ability to artfully present exquisite meals to diners of all ages.

His dishes range from unbelievable soups and salads to chicken wings, curries, and healthy desserts! He’s also known for his artful presentations, such as “Ducky” a fresh and colorful salad shaped like a duck, made especially for the many kids in attendance. We look forward to Frankie’s food and presence in Cafe Zeke again this summer!

Meissa portrait

Unit Head

Meissa is a teacher who loves coming to Camp Zeke summer after summer to serve as our Teen Unit Head. Meissa oversees our popular teen leadership program and manages all aspects of the teen experience for rising 10th through 12th graders.

Meissa was born and raised in a small town called Keur Momar Sarr in Senegal, West Africa. Meissa initially came to camp as our head soccer coach, having been the captain of his college soccer team. He relies on those same skills to help motivate his staff and the teens in his program.

Throughout high school, Meissa lacked confidence in lifting weights, playing soccer, and long distance running, but he motivated himself to start living an active life, and though it was hard, his mind was set on his goals. He started to see himself grow and became proud of his abilities. This is something Meissa loves to pass on to campers at Zeke and as his year-round work as a teacher.

Rabbi CeCe portrait

Rabbi Cece
Camp Rabbi

Rabbi Cece was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in May 2010 with a focus on sacred music.  A rabbi, singer, educator, and purveyor of “Joyful Judaism, Rabbi Cece recently joined the clergy team at Temple Sholom in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Passionate about the connection of mind, body, and soul in Judaism, she has been with Camp Zeke since we started, pioneering the development of our music-filled Shabbat services and integrated Judaism into camp activities. In addition to her work as a rabbi, she loves to sing, act, and dance, and is a classically trained soprano and a competitive (award winning!) Irish step dancer. Rabbi Cece has experience working at many camps in the Northeast and loves being part of the Camp Zeke family.

Fernando portrait

Unit Head

Fernando has been at Camp Zeke since 2016. Over the years, he has held numerous jobs in camp, but he his found his home on the camper care team. Prior to returning to Camp Zeke, Fernando completed a prestigious and highly-competitive training program at Disney.

Fernando studied Tourism Management at university and he is passionate about different cultures and languages. He is a much-loved member of the Zeke family and his positivity and spirit are contagious. He loves sports and staying active, and has played soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis since he was a child. He also loves kayaking and paddle boarding on Hickory Lake. Fernando comes to camp from Veracruz, Mexico.

Krissy portrait

Unit Head

Krissy holds a degree in Social Work after graduating from Stony Brook University with her Bachelors in Psychology. Camp Zeke has provided a great environment to foster her love for working with children and her future goal of becoming a social worker. At camp, Krissy has worn many hats, using her talents to serve as a song leader, photographer, and a one-woman enthusiasm booster (using the art of comedy!). In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and writing.

Beth portrait

Unit Head

Beth is an avocado fanatic and can’t wait to jet across the pond to spend her summers at Camp Zeke! She lives in Wales in the UK and is pursuing her teaching degree after studying Nutrition at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Beth has served as a Culinary Arts specialist and worked on the waterfront as a lifeguard.

In her free time, she likes to experiment in the kitchen, cook for friends and regularly attend the local fitness suite. She loves the outdoors and has previously participated and competed in athletics and gymnastics. Beth is also a qualified netball coach and was once an assistant coach for her local team.

Camp Zeke is a magical place for Beth because she’s never 10 feet away from someone who shares almost the exact same interests as her. Being surrounded by people that are as equally as passionate about your hobbies is something very rare and special to find in life!

Cantor Melanie portrait

Cantor Melanie
Cantor, Songleader, and Visiting Unit Head

Camp Zeke’s beloved Melanie was ordained as a Cantor from the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, and is the Beth El Congregation of Baltimore’s Cantor Educator and Director of Community Engagement.

She hails from Baltimore, MD and has been involved with Jewish camping since 1996. She has held positions such as a bunk counselor, department head of dance, and head song leader/Jewish life specialist.

She has a Masters in Jewish Education from Towson University Baltimore Hebrew Institute, and also has a degree in engineering from the University of Maryland College Park. She teaches music at Hebrew Schools and in the community as well as runs the youth programming at Beth El Congregation in Baltimore.

Melanie is a personal trainer, certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness, and works at Loyola University in the Fitness and Aquatics Center. Cooking (mostly vegetarian), hiking, biking, and practicing yoga daily are Melanie’s interests, but she loves trying new things and having new experiences. Melanie can’t wait for the summer to begin and loves being part of the Camp Zeke team!

Daniel portrait

Managing Counselor / Lifeguard

Daniel was born and raised in Netanya, Israel a coastal city, so naturally he loves spending time at the beach–and especially watching the sunset with a warm drink in hand. Daniel enjoys spending his summers at Camp Zeke because of his personal connection to healthy, active living. He loves creating and enjoying fresh, delicious foods, and while strength training is his favorite way to get moving, he enjoys all sports.

Daniel completed his military service in the IDF, where he served as a weatherman and as a commander of a meteorologic course. Weather has become of hobby of his, and he often studies weather models in his free time. His friends play a big part of his life, and while they may not want to chat about the weather, they play video games, talk, and share stories. Daniel loves learning and can’t wait for campers to arrive because each person has something special to share with the community.

Mindy portrait

Office Specialist

Mindy Majewski loves spending her summers at Camp Zeke!  She lives in Huntington, NY with her husband Jeff, two dogs, and two kids (Lily and Cooper), who also love their summers at Zeke.  She enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, music and theater. Having grown up going to camp, Mindy loves everything about the camp experience and is thrilled to be back in camp after a long break!

Liam portrait


Born and raised in the lowlands of Scotland, Liam now lives in the U.S. with his wife, Melissa (who he met at camp!). He studied Business at the University of the West of Scotland and spent several summers working at camps in PA and NH. His first summer ever at camp was at the Block and Hexter Retreat Center, and he is delighted to be back in the area.

Liam enjoys cycling, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, fostering senior dogs, a good road trip and eating! Most days he can be found with a cup of coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. Fun fact – He has one blue eye and one green eye.

Liam’s excellent photography work can be seen throughout our social media feeds, camp website, and his website

Carla portrait

Culinary Arts Director

Carla is a professional chef who oversees Camp Zeke’s very popular culinary program! She studied gastronomy in university and loves wowing campers and staff with her artful, delicious, and health foods.

When she is not cooking, Carla enjoys studying various topics, watching movies, and pursuing many different athletic activities. She also loves to read, spend time with family and friends, and travel throughout her beautiful home country of Mexico.

Carla has been with Camp Zeke for years as a leader in our production kitchen, and now loves her role managing our culinary program!

Mariana portrait

Unit Head

Mariana is from Cancun, Mexico. She fell in love with American summer camps when she was 12, and has been working as a counselor since she was 17. She is the director of the Hebrew Scouts of Cancun, and studied in the Machon le Madrichim in Israel. She has been at Zeke since 2018. She loves surfing, cooking and all nature related activities. She is currently studying mechatronics engineering in Mexico City and she is really excited to meet all the new campers and staff this summer!

Evan portrait

Kosher Supervisor (mashgiach)

Evan has been at Camp Zeke since 2017 as the Kosher Supervisor. A 4th generation Dallasite, after high school, Evan spent ten years at Yeshiva University in New York earning degrees in Judaic Studies, Accounting, a Masters in Social Work, and spent time studying for Rabbinical ordination.

Following his time in New York, he moved back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas with his wife Susanne. They have two amazing kids, Becca and Alex. In addition to his work as a kosher supervisor for Dallas Kosher, he also works as an accountant and social worker.

Evan has been riding horses since he was five-years-old and competed nationally as a teen in dressage events. In his spare time he enjoys cheering on his favorite Dallas sports teams, spending time experimenting in the kitchen and volunteering in his local Jewish community.

Unit Head

Chloe was born and raised in New York, and is a rising senior at Elon University where she is majoring in Project Management and minoring in Jewish Studies. Chloe was part of Camp Zeke from the beginning, as a founding camper our opening year! After she graduated as a camper, she joined our staff as a counselor, then as a unit head!

Board of Directors

Dr Sara Stave portrait

Dr Sara Stave
Co-Chair of the Camp Zeke Board

Sara Stave, Co-Chair of the Camp Zeke Board, has a BA in Psychology & Elementary Education from Connecticut College and a PsyD in School/ Clinical Child Psychology from Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf School. She lives in Westchester, New York with her husband and Co-Chair, Channing, and their two children.

She works as a School Psychologist in Westchester. In addition, she conducts pre-school and elementary school evaluations to help children with special needs access services.

Her son, Stratton, who is fifteen years old, will be happy to share with you that he was the very first camper signed up for Camp Zeke, and will attend this year for his (and the camp’s) sixth summer. Her daughter, Sabrina, who is six years old, is anxiously counting down the days until she can attend Zeke as a camper.

She loves doing hundreds of activities – often simultaneously – including skiing, cooking, photography, fostering abandoned kittens, and arts and crafts projects.

Dr Channing Stave portrait

Dr Channing Stave
Co-Chair of the Camp Zeke Board

Channing Stave, Co-Chair of the Camp Zeke Board, has a BA in Psychology from Columbia University and a PhD in Organizational Psychology from New York University. He lives in Westchester, New York with his wife and Co-Chair, Sara, and their two children.

He is a founder and Chief Operating Officer of Disuptyx, LLC, a marketing and market research firm that specializes in heuristics based messaging in Scarsdale, New York. Previously, he led Market Research and Analytics functions at IBM, Pfizer, and Medco. He is also Secretary for the Board of Solving Kids Cancer.

His son, Stratton, who is fifteen years old, will be happy to share with you that he was the very first camper signed up for Camp Zeke, and will attend this year for his (and the camp’s) sixth summer. His daughter, Sabrina, who is six years old, is anxiously counting down the days until she can attend Zeke as a camper.

He spends his winters skiing and his springs coaching Stratton and Sabrina’s baseball teams. He also enjoys traveling and cooking.

Nora Wolf
Board of Directors

Nora Wolf is the founder of Wolf PR, a public relations company with a focus on design based in New York City. Their clients include interior, product, startup, and manufacturing —as well as retailers, artists, designers, and creators. Nora works across all types of design including multi-national, public companies and small one-person shops, luxury collectable design and affordable and accessible gifts, furniture and lighting, textiles, flooring, contract and residential, retail and custom made, materials and industrial design. Nora works with New York City startups including WorkOf, Still House, and promoted new collections from independent designers Gabriel Scott, David Weeks, and collectable designers Claste and Huy Bui. She also works with global brands like Kikkerland and Eastman and international brands like ZigZagZurich on their strategy and ongoing press efforts. Nora is one of the hosts for the New York Creative Social Concern, connecting designers to each other, and to new bars.

David Samdperil portrait

David Samdperil
Board of Directors, Emeritus

David Samdperil joined the Camp Zeke family back when the camp was just an idea and the logo was a sketch on a napkin. He comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Rhode Island, where his love and understanding of the power of summer camp started at Camp JORI back in the mid ’80s.

Today, David is the founder and owner of Track Seven Events, LLC an award-winning event design firm based in Atlanta. The company produces world class galas up and down the east coast by transforming empty venues into amazing event experiences.

His client list includes fortune 500 companies, national sporting events, numerous weddings and mitzvahs, and celebrity events (we keep telling him to put the picture with Shaq as his Facebook profile). Track Seven also has strong partnerships with non-profit organizations like Susan G. Komen, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, FIDF, and of course, Camp Zeke. David and his team donate both planning expertise and assets to help make charity events spectacular and more profitable.

When he is not working at Track Seven and building Camp Zeke, you can find David playing golf, skiing in Vermont, boating, beaching and cooking after a long day of outdoor adventures.

Rabbi Joshua Dorsch
Board of Directors

Rabbi Joshua Dorsch is the Rabbi of Tifereth Israel Synagogue in San Diego County, California. He was previously a Rabbi at Beth El Synagogue Center in New Rochelle, New York. Rabbi Dorsch earned a Master of Arts degree in Jewish Education and a MA degree in Midrash and Scriptural Interpretation from the Jewish Theological Seminary. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Talmud and Rabbinics from JTS. While at the Seminary, Rabbi Dorsch was selected to participate in the esteemed Schusterman Rabbinic Fellowship and participated in the Legacy Heritage Rabbinic Fellowship Program, through which he served as the rabbinic presence at Temple Emanu-El, in Reno, Nevada. He also had the privilege of participating on a Rabbinical Student delegation to Senegal with the American Jewish World Service. After completing a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, Rabbi Dorsch worked as a Chaplain at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

Prior to his position at Beth El, Rabbi Dorsch spent two years working as the student rabbi at the Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford, Connecticut, and as the rabbinic advisor to the Hillel at the University of Hartford. During his year of rabbinical school in Israel, he served as a rabbinic intern for a Masorti (Conservative) congregation, Tiferet Shalom, in Tel Aviv. After his year in Israel, he remained for the summer where he worked as a group leader and tour guide for Ramah Seminar in Israel.

Originally from Philadelphia, Rabbi Dorsch grew up attending, and then staffing, Jewish overnight camps, where he served as a unit head and prayer coordinator. He still enjoys spending time at camp over the summer. He was (and still is) very active in USY. He is a retired competitive Table Tennis player, having played in tournaments at the highest level, including the Maccabi Games.

Rabbi Dorsch is socially minded, creative, and enthusiastic. He focuses on community building, youth engagement, and lifelong learning. His goal is to help people find meaning and connection through their relationship with the Jewish community, traditions and Israel

Dr Arlene Spark portrait

Dr Arlene Spark
Adviser, Emeritus

Dr. Spark is the Chair of the City University of New York’s Nutrition Program for the Doctorate in Public Health degree. For the past 35 years, she has taught on all levels from pre-school through graduate medical education, and has worked in clinical pediatric nutrition and food policy. Dr. Spark is a registered dietitian (RD) who was in the first cohort of RDs to become board certified as a specialist in pediatric nutrition. Always a pioneer, Dr. Spark was the first adviser to Camp Zeke!

Dr. Spark and her team of students have worked with Camp Zeke and our chefs year-round to bring the freshest and healthiest ingredients into our kitchen, and the most scrumptious meals into our campers’ bellies. They also advised on the full renovation of our teaching kitchen, where campers will learn to prepare dishes, as well as our production kitchen, where our team of chefs cook for Camp Zeke.

Dr. Spark is the author of Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice.

Our campers have made thousands of friendships, millions of memories, and lifelong skills in athletics, cooking, and joyful Judaism. We are proudly supported by:

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