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Putting camp on your resume

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Showing future employers

The decision to work as a summer camp staff member says a lot about you. No matter the role you will play in your camp community, ultimately you will want to make sure that your resume reflects the experience in such a way that will be meaningful to future employers. Here are some tips for making sure your camp experience is well represented on your resume:

Job title

Would a particular title be helpful on your resume? Depending on the position, examples include youth development specialist, team or shift leader, communications coordinator, or programming leader. If you have a custom title in mind, just ask us and we’ll gladly set it up for you!

Using active language, amplify the job title with descriptive terms that detail your duties, as well as the nature of time commitment you dedicated to your summer camp employer and the results you achieved.

Job description

Core qualifications

Learning skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration

Knowledge skills

  • Business-specific skills
  • Wilderness/Outdoors
  • Media
  • Activity-specific certifications
  • Technology
  • Program administration

Life skills

  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Sportsmanship
  • Social Skills
  • Counseling
  • Productivity

Active language

Administer. Act. Advise. Analyze. Assemble. Assess. Assist. Balance. Boost. Bulld. Challenge. Collaborate. Communicate. Compile. Contribute. Create. Customize. Decide. Dedicate. Design. Develop. Direct. Discuss. Document. Encourage. Enforce. Engage. Entertain. Exercise. Explain. Facilitate. Focus. Form. Gather. Generate. Guard. Guide. Handle. Head. Help. Identify. Illustrate. Implement. Improve. Inform. Interpret. Issue. Join. Judge. Lead. Listen. Locate. Manage. Master. Mediate. Model. Moderate. Modify. Navigate. Negotiate. Notice. Obtain. Operate. Oversee. Participate. Persuade. Plan. Play. Present. Prioritize. Produce. Query. Question. Quote. Record. Recognize. Reinforce. Resolve. Respond. Review. Run. Save. Schedule. Secure. Shape. Show. Stabilize. Supervise. Support. Teach. Test. Train. Travel. Unite. Update. Utilize. Validate. Value. Verify. Visit. Visualize. Witness. Write.

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