Zumba - Camp Zeke - Sleepaway Summer Camp

Zumba at Camp Zeke

Keep on movin’ and groovin!

Zumba is trendy at Zeke for a reason. This music-filled aerobic dance experience gets everyone up and moving. It’s simply impossible to make it through one Zumba period without breaking a sweat or busting some cool moves. Our expert instructors choreograph the fantastic routines, and run all-camp Zumba parties! The best part is, you can learn these dances and help lead them at our camp-wide Zumba raves, too! Better yet, you can keep the Zumba party going and take your moves home to share with your friends! And, if you feel motivated to create your own Zumba choreography, we can’t wait to try it when you return to camp!


Campers outside in the pavilion taking part in Zumba

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