Values and mission - Camp Zeke - Sleepaway Summer Camp

Our values

Camp Zeke is rooted in a set of core values that come from the Jewish tradition. Not only do campers take these values home with them for years after the camp experience, but the values guide all our decisions in the camp community.

Campers earn bracelets throughout the summer for displaying camp’s values. Click on the icons below to learn more about each of Camp Zeke’s values.

Watch campers discuss our values

Female camper holding one of the Camp Zeke bracelets

As you drive into camp, you’ll notice big signs that say things like, “Kindness is our highest value!” and “Be the kindest version of yourself.” That’s a theme at Camp Zeke. Kindness is the foundation of everything we do, and it guides all the interactions between the members of our community.

Camp provides a safe space to try new things, navigate relationships with new friends, make independent decisions, and grow grow grow! Parents frequently tell us that campers mature more in six weeks at camp than they do all year in school.

A core aspect of our mission is celebrating healthy, active living. Campers go home with new cooking and fitness skills and a commitment to leading healthy, active lives.

Every camper and staff member is a valuable and irreplaceable member of the Camp Zeke family. Throughout the summer, we take many opportunities to appreciate our kind, welcoming, and inspiring community.

Every visitor to camp, from new families to delivery drivers, knows how our community feels. When you walk onto the grounds, everyone who sees you will wave, say hello, and come shake your hand or give you a hug. That’s the same feeling our new campers have when they arrive for their first day of camp!

Our camp community is one big family. Campers and staff strive to treat everybody in the same loving way that they want to be treated themselves. This is another way that kindness is our most important value.

to others

Icon showing a person inside a heart shape

gemillut hassadim

Developing our character

Icon of a person

tikkun middot

Taking care of our health

Icon of a heart and heartbeat

shmirat ha’guf

Celebrating our community

Icon of a group of people

klal yisrael

Welcoming visitors and new friends

Icon of two hands shaking

hachnasat orchim

Loving all members of the community

Icon of two people holding hands with a heart above

ve’ahavta lere’acha kamocha

Group of campers around a camp fire at dusk

Our mission

We create a welcoming community rooted in Jewish values that inspires people of all backgrounds to be the best versions of themselves by celebrating kindness, fitness, nutrition, and personal growth. 

As campers grow up in our community, we give them the skills and inspiration to lead lives of strength, confidence, and vibrant good health. Our joyfully Jewish community believes that kindness and taking care of our health are essential for realizing our full human potential.

Our goals for campers

During camp badge icon

  • Campers and staff are the most authentic versions of themselves. Kindness is our highest value.
  • Each camper and staff member is an important and irreplaceable member of the Camp Zeke community.
  • Staff are mentors, role models, and friends to the kids, who bond for life with the staff and with each other.
  • The food at camp is delicious, healthy, and whenever possible, locally-sourced and farm-to-table.

After camp badge icon

  • Campers take home cooking, fitness, and athletics skills that they rely on for life.
  • Campers see healthy living and good nutrition as core aspects of their Jewish identity.
  • Campers rely on Zeke’s lessons to lead vibrant, healthy lives. They go out into the world as ambassadors of healthy living whose behavior inspires others to lead healthier lives.
  • Campers make the closest friendships with other like-minded kids and teens, and then end up with a network of friends and colleagues for life.

Our campers have made thousands of friendships, millions of memories, and lifelong skills in athletics, cooking, and joyful Judaism. We are proudly supported by:

  • Jewish Camp
  • Jim Joseph Foundation
  • Avi Chai
  • UJA Federation
  • The Jewish Education Project
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We are fully accredited by the American Camp Association