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How camp jobs benefit staff

Camp staff welcoming returning campers

Leadership is learned in a real-life context! You’ll likely be supervising about 12 campers, engaging in decision-making, behavior management, and living ethics (and camp’s values) – all necessary leadership skills for today! See how to present camp on your resume!



Camp staff member talking to campers on a bus

21st Century Skills

Camp staff working together during a tug-of-war

Skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and self-confidence, critical for success in today’s world, are developed and practiced at camp! They are skills and traits that can draw employers’ attention to your resume.  Read about the skills you gain by working at camp!

Networking opportunities with other staff and connections to camp alumni can provide a link to future job opportunities in a variety of careers.

Are you the kind of person who’d be great in a camp role? Read Why Work at Camp to find out!


Networking oppotunities

Group of campers outside on the porch enjoying the weather together

Diverse & Global Experience

Group of female campers in the dance studio

Camp often provides a global experience without the expense of long-distance travel; campers and staff come from across the country and the across the world. So chances are, next time you travel to Israel, Mexico, London, or Hungary, you’ll have friends to catch up with!

Ongoing professional development sets you up to learn about your job while building strong relationships with other staff, who will support you all summer.  Learn about other essential business skills you gain from camp!


Professional Development

Camp staff all in yellow following one staff member who holds aloft a flag

Training & Certifications

Camp staff member giving a camper a piggy-back, both smiling into camera

You get to keep any additional training you acquire (like CPR, First Aid, and activity specialist certifications) that may also help you land a job at home in a wide range of settings.

You may be eligible for college credit in some cases, or you may be able to use camp as an independent study, practicum, or internship experience — ask your advisor about how the skills you will learn directly relate to your major and will make you a stronger job candidate. Read about putting camp on your resume for ideas of how to present this to advisers (or just ask us!).


College Credit or Internship

Male camper outside with both hands giving a thumbs-up

Room & board

Campers being led to their dorms by staff, one long line snaking through the green grass surrounding the bunk buildings

While working at Camp Zeke, room and board is provided: Your housing, meals, laundry, utilities, and other living expenses are covered. That means that your paycheck is actually money in your pocket at the end of the summer.

Since you’ll have almost no expenses, spending the summer at camp is a great way to save most of your earnings!



Two camp staff high-fiving each other

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