Month: February 2022

Camp Zeke COVID Vaccine (Updated 2/10/2022)

Camp Zeke COVID Vaccine Policy (2/15/2022)

The Camp Zeke community strongly believes in the safety and efficacy of vaccines, masking, testing, distancing between pods, and other important measures that have been scientifically proven to prevent the spread and severity of COVID-19.

For these reasons, Camp Zeke is mandating the COVID vaccine for all staff. In consultation with our medical team and leadership, we are currently assessing whether the COVID vaccine will be mandatory for all campers. For the moment, our existing policy has not changed from the summer of 2021, when we strongly encouraged every camper to be vaccinated for COVID–and, as always, required all other vaccines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The CDC recommends that everyone eligible get their primary series of COVID-19 vaccines and receive booster doses when eligible. Camp makes the very same recommendation for all campers.

As we get closer to camp, our current policy may remain unchanged or turn to a COVID vaccine mandate. In accordance with our current policy, we strongly encourage every camper to have a timely vaccine and booster. 

What is the timeline for vaccinations/boosters?

Every staff member must be vaccinated and have an up-to-date booster prior to arriving to camp. For international staff with limited vaccine/booster availability at home, we will arrange for a vaccine/booster immediately upon your arrival for staff training. If you have a choice about when to get boosted, please do so as close to the start of staff training as possible so the booster offers maximum protection during the summer.

Likewise, campers should have an up-to-date booster or vaccine prior to arriving to camp, with the booster administered as close to the start of camp as possible to offer maximum protection during the summer. 

What may lead to the current policy for campers becoming a mandate?

We are carefully monitoring the current state of COVID and will continually reassess our safety planning between now and camp. This means, for example, if the COVID situation deteriorates between now and summer, or it becomes clear that the mandate has become an industry standard and best practice, then we will reassess our approach.

What are camp’s other COVID safety measures?

To see details about our COVID safety plan, please visit this webpage.