Month: May 2022

Can non-Jewish campers attend Camp Zeke?

Can non-Jewish campers attend Camp Zeke?

We welcome everybody with open arms, regardless of whether a family is Jewish. Our goal is to create a joyful community that’s based on universal values including kindness, welcoming new members of the community, and inclusion. We look at these values through a Jewish lens, but camp is a totally comfortable environment for a camper of any background.

Many of our campers don’t do anything “Jewish” at home, and come to camp for the cultural connection to Judaism. We also have many families with one Jewish parent and one non-Jewish parent, whose kids go to church on some holidays and temple on others. We also welcome non-Jewish campers and staff, who have a wonderful experience at camp.

As long as a camper is comfortable in a Jewish community, they will do great in the camp community regardless of their religion.

In a typical summer, roughly half our staff aren’t Jewish, 20% of our families have at least one non-Jewish parent, and a few campers have no connection to Judaism at home but just appreciate the values and community of camp.