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Jewish Family Camps

Camp Zeke is proud to be part of the Foundation for Jewish Camp and Maimonides Fund’s Jewish Family Camp initiative (JFAM)!

Through this program, which has awarded us up to $280,000 in matching grant funding, we are launching a series of Jewish family camps in partnership with other Jewish organizations.

Why did we join JFAM? Camp Zeke is fundamentally a mission-driven organization. All of our decisions tie back to celebrating healthy, active living through joyful Judaism while engaging certain families that would not otherwise participate in Jewish programs.

In a typical April through November, we host thousands of retreat participants from dozens of different organizations. While we often host organizations that bring families to camp, we do not currently offer Jewish family camp programs. This is a key area of growth for our organization.

When we first launched Camp Zeke in 2012, we focused exclusively on building a summer camp and growing our camper population. Our off-season programs began as an afterthought; we hosted an occasional program for adults, but our focus was camp.

Over time, as Camp Zeke’s camper programs filled, we also started seeing our adult programs grow. Last year, our retreat center brought in almost $1,000,000 in revenue, which helps support our scholarship fund and other summer operations. As our retreat center continues to grow, our leadership team engaged in a strategic planning process to assess the role of adult programs in the larger organization.

A key aspect of our strategic plan is to turn the retreat center into an additional avenue to broaden Camp Zeke’s Jewish impact. Our goal is to engage Jewish families by offering a unique experience that focuses on fitness, gourmet cooking, and joyful Judaism. We aspire to launch a series of family camp programs to further this mission.

JFAM has committed up to $280,000 to Camp Zeke in matching funds. To access that funding, we need to raise $280,000. We would be grateful for your support.


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