Making Camp Affordable for Every Family

At Camp Zeke, we are committed to making sure the camp experience is totally affordable for every family. We want to make it a quick, easy, and confidential process to apply for financial aid. Please see below for details about how the process works. 
First, you register for camp at We take a deposit of $50 for scholarship applicants, and that deposit is totally refundable if our scholarship offer doesn’t work for you.
Second, we will ask you to apply for One Happy Camper, which is a Foundation for Jewish Camp program that takes $1,000 off the price of camp. That funding will be in addition to your scholarship. 
Third, we will send you our digital scholarship application, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once you send us back the scholarship application, we work on putting a fee reduction in place to ensure camp is totally affordable. 
If we cannot come back with a reduced price that works for you, then you can withdraw the camp application with no questions asked (and a full refund of the deposit). However, we almost always meet our families’ financial needs and will ensure that the scholarship offer works for your family. 
To ask a confidential question about our scholarship process, please contact our registrar, Barbara, at 212-913-9783 or